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We are the Bieniarz family, Mark & Stephanie (Daddy & Mama), Ezra (5 yrs), James (3 1/2 yrs), Aaron (1 1/2 yrs) and we are on our way to get Baby Sister Ada (1 yr)!




Our process of adoption began before we were ever married.  It was something both of us desired as we spoke of becoming a family.  After the birth of our second son, we decided to begin looking into the actual process and began by attending an adoption class at our church.  From there we kept praying about the many paths to adoption and chose to adopt a girl with special needs from China.

From there the paperwork process was…well…long.  But in the midst of lost background checks (ugh), missed (albeit self imposed) deadlines, the birth of our third son (yay for surprises!) and the addition of some space to our home (phew!), we finally made it through the paperwork to the waiting stage of the process.  From initializing the process to actually “waiting to be matched” we had spent nearly 2 years to get going.  But, we can truly say God’s timing has been perfect and put us right where we needed to be when we matched with our daughter.


Qing Zi Qi Photo 2


We saw her face for the first time in pictures on May 5, 2015.  That same week we learned she had been moved from her orphanage across the country for a surgery to repair her cleft lip.  We’d already begun falling in love with her precious wide grin and we waited anxiously to receive word of her recovery and photos of her sweet face.  I can say there is nothing quite like adoption to remind you how much our children are NOT in our own hands.  Whether my kids are playing at my feet or across the world they are truly not under my control and this journey has constantly reminded me of my need to trust our sovereign God and rest in His care for our whole family.  Just days after learning of her surgery, the organization who sponsored her operation and follow-up care (Love Without Boundaries) updated their website with a new pic of our girl!


ada post surgery


There have been many pieces of paperwork since then, more waiting and praying….but now packing!!!  What a joy to know she will be in our arms in just one week.  Thanks for joining us here as I attempt to blog while becoming a new mama once again.



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