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Monday afternoon, after a long nap, Ada perked up quite a bit!  We went with our friends, Kit and Jennifer, and their son Jake, for a walk around the block and then to dinner.  Ada was taking in the sights, smells and sounds from the safety of her Daddy’s arms.


Not sure what these guys were playing, but it looked intense!

Later we meandered into a restaurant for some dinner (from a menu with pictures, yay!)  And sweet baby Ada ate up half a bowl of rice off the end of Mark’s chopsticks!  Little baby bird style.  She’s proving to be quite the little eater.

imageShe was up too late following the excitement of giggling over her brothers on FaceTime.  Ada loves to laugh, and we love to hear it!

Today started with a trip to the Waterwheel Park and then the Gansu Natural History Museum.  Our guides are very knowledgeable and it was interesting to hear history of this region.  Lanzhou straddles the Yellow River and was a major trade point along the Silk Road.  Even now, it is considered a “Migrant city” with many residents originating from other regions.

This man was demonstrating the use of a sheepskin raft, he actually filled up the skins by blowing on them and tying them off!
In front of the mother Yellow River…which should bless us with babies 😉

Thankfully we didn’t have to cross the river on a sheepskin raft although it looked intriguing!

Ada and her buddy, Jake
Ada and her buddy, Jake

While at the museum, Ada started squirming to get out of my lap (a first) and popped up into standing while grasping my fingers!  She then wanted next to her friend, Jake.  She soon fell asleep on our tour of the exhibits.

This one is for the boys!
This one is for the boys!

After some yummy Lanzhou beef noodles (two platefuls for the baby bird), she napped at the hotel curled up next to me.  Our Albuquerque friends had tried to set us up for a meeting with the Director of Foreign Affairs as they are friends and our cities are “sister cities.”  Tonight we were graciously invited to dinner with the Deputy Director and his lovely assistent.  He commented that it seemed as though we three had always been a family.  Ada sweetly nibbled lotus root, lily bulb and tofu and impressed us all with her charm!


Tomorrow’s plan is Five Springs Park and the coffee place down the street. Woo hoo!  Here’s one last smile for ya!




2 thoughts on “Getting to know you

  1. It looks like your family is building nicely! I love that Ada is already giggling at her brothers and choosing to stand up. Think how far you’ve all come in less than a week! Thank you for this blog. We really feel like part of this exciting process.
    God bless you all!

  2. I love love love reading these posts, Stephanie, and looking at Mark’s pics he posts on Facebook. What a wonderful, special, sweet thing you all have together…..I am thrilled for you all! Lots of love, The Carothers

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