The day after…

Today began with a sleepy little lady.  After sleeping all night, Ada woke up hungry and still sleepy.  So after her bottle and another call to the brothers, she fell back asleep and we took shifts for breakfast.  Poor baby still has a fever and a general “nothing is quite right” kind of attitude.  She gives us glimpses of her playful and opinionated personality, usually the first hour following her Tylenol dose but then is back to averting her eyes from others’ glances and swatting at the toys we hoped would entertain her.  And though this is not easy (caring for a sick baby who’s world has been turned upside down… while being a bit upside down yourself) she is showing preference for us over others.  And it is sweet… reassuring even.  The truth is, yesterday felt like I was prayerfully persevering to care for her, whereas today feels more like I’m caring for her in love.  Love is growing, our love for her is changing.  please pray with us as we learn how to best love our sweet Ada and as she learns to trust us.

We prepared the gifts for the orphanage caregivers today before leaving our hotel.  Of course along with two other bags, the baby carrier, the baby and necessary paperwork we left the gifts in the hotel.  Eh, no worries, we got them delivered this afternoon.

IMG_7161Then we went to the Civil Affairs office for a morning of paperwork, and fingerprinting and our repeated assurance to love and care for Ada always.  When awake, our little lady wants us holding her and moving around.  No sitting! And heaven forbid we let the guide or other orphanage workers attempt to make her smile… she won’t have it!IMG_7185

IMG_7169And remember how we had to have that Happy Family photo yesterday?  It turned out like this…

IMG_7168Oh yeah, pretty happy.  I look about as thrilled with the photographer’s clucking sounds and flashing lights as Ada does.  Only Mark had a good humor about the whole thing.  He’s a happy guy to have around and I’m so thankful for his laughs and joyful attitude!

After time with 3 other families at civil affairs, we were driven to the Police Station for passports and more photos… this time it wasn’t so bad!

IMG_7191She even gave Daddy a few smiles! Who can resist this silly Daddy?


She gobbled up a lunch of congee and kept Mark and I two-stepping around the room for over an hour while she fell asleep in our arms.  There was no sitting down on the job!  My goodness, she’s already got us wrapped around her little finger.  She’s still out now and Mark is headed out to do some laundry equipped with a quick lesson from Google translate. Fingers crossed!

We’ve got a bit more paperwork this evening and then the rest of our days in Lanzhou should be a bit more touristy and less official.  We leave for Guangzhou on Friday for another week of official paperwork and official waiting. 😉

3 thoughts on “The day after…

  1. I was pretty sure one of you would have Ada smiling in short order. What a blessing that she’s already identifying with you both. Now just get her well! We pray for you and all of the children constantly and with great love. God bless you, Mom

  2. So nice to read your blog Stephanie and the F.B. pictures Mark. I am so glad your little girl is with you now. I feel a real sense of both sadness mixed with an extra huge amount of gratitude for the events that led to Ada being chosen as your child. I can never un-think how a birth-mother must feel to give up a child. I do believe that the child lives ever in her heart. I know what it felt like to hold 9 day old Justin in my arms and grieve for his birth mama and rejoice that he was becoming our forever son. I know it is more difficult for Ada given that she is older and attached to her caregivers and knows love. But already today (day 2 with Ada) I see a change in her face that says ” I get it you are my Mama and Daddy; YOU take care of me because this is really hard on me too! As to the photos it is just a delight to see them. Still, I love the “Love without Borders” picture because it seems to capture her individual spirit and personality. God’s eye is most surely on the sparrow and on your little daughter as she makes her own forever family transition. growing love!

  3. Dear Mark and Stephanie and little Ada,
    We are so happy for you all! Your stories and adjustments bring back a lot of memories for us –Susanna was 7 months when she arrived and Mai Anh was 2 years old. Ruben was 7 when I went to get him in Colombia. I whole-heartedly agree that we have to let expectations go and take each step with faith. And I think you are right that her attachment to her caregivers is a good sign –she has experienced love and trust with them and is finding these again with you.
    God bless you all on every step of this adventure!
    Love, Aunt Merry and Uncle Joe

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