Family Day (aka Gotcha Day)

My day started early, multiple times over and again between 2am and 4am when I finally surrendered.  We had a quick bite at our hotel in Beijing and all three families headed to the airport for our final destinations.  We and one other family took off on a 2 hour flight to Lanzhou, where me and my husband used to play daisy.slots and meet our first angel, the capital of our daughter’s province where we were set to meet Ada and finalize our adoption paperwork.  This is both our families’ first adoption and it is wonderfully sweet to have a grace-filled sounding board and cheering squad at the ready when needed!  Praise God for planning this trip as He did.  We were given two cribs though, hmmm.IMG_7027 We were told that we’d meet our children at the hotel when they arrived between 1-2pm and to wait in our room for a phone call.  Well, I was antsy but the phone finally rang and we made our way to the Western Restaurant of our hotel.  A few moments later, there was our guide and a couple of nannies (Orphanage caregivers) one of whom was holding our daughter.  I could only see the back of her head, but she eventually gave us a glance…. IMG_7036And as much as I wanted her to reach out to me (and say Mama and act like we’d always been mother and daughter) she didn’t.  Let me stop here and say I didn’t think that was my expectation, but when she fussed and cried and made it evident she wanted to be no where near me or Mark it dawned on me that I thought it’d be easier!

Ada wanting no part of this situation and me trying to ask my questions to her caregivers
Ada wanting no part of this situation and me trying to ask my questions to her caregivers

Later Mark and I discussed the fact that it is good news that her separation from her nannies was so hard. They obviously cared for her and she was attached to them despite all the transitions she’s made in her short life.  The orphanage director walked in and straight away handed Ada to me… IMG_7064She didn’t seem too perturbed by the situation of being in a stranger’s arms but she seemed warm and angry-tired.  She was fighting off sleep and she kept making attempts at waving it off or groaning the urge to sleep away.  She finally succumb to rest in her Daddy’s arms for a few minutes before we headed out once again for an official police picture (I might have not fully been paying attention to explanations at this point). IMG_7076 All I do know is they needed her by herself and happy… and it wasn’t happening folks!  As a wonderfully wise and honest Grandma once said, there just aren’t any “mamby-pamby” children in this family. Ada certainly holds true to that characteristic, she has opinions and makes them known!  We survived many out-takes with prayer and giving her water out of a bottle cap, and made it back to the hotel for a long nap.  Well deserved after her 8 hour van ride into Lanzhou this morning.



She was super sweet in Daddy’s arms for her first bottle.

IMG_7112And soon after with Daddy for her first bath after her first overwhelming spit up on Mama.  Thankfully this isn’t our first rodeo, folks, and we are gonna work hard to love her well and get her well soon.     

imageWe got to chat with the brothers.  J kept telling her “Ada, I wuv you.”. And occasionally said, “Ada, brown eyes too!”. He’s excited for another brown eyed family member.  We are too, Buddy!


It was time for bed.  She slept all night…. all night and is still quite sleepy this morning.  Please pray we can get her fever down and feed her successfully too.  She’s pretty adamant about not taking the medicine, so its time for some creative parent strategy with solving that one thankfully humor is good to her health and after we hired a clown from brisbane magician hire service.


imageShe’s our truly adorable Ada, and we are blessed to finally be holding her.

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  1. We are thrilled for you guys! She is beautiful and seems to be adjusting. Mark looks so proud. We love you and can’t wait to meet your precious Ada. ~Dan and Christina

  2. Thank you for the great journal and pictures. It is great to actually see all of our prayers being answered. Love, John and Gerri

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