Beijing Day 2


I woke up this morning with a song stuck in my head which kept playing on repeat throughout the day, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya, tomorrow. You’re only a day away!”  It was tough with tomorrow on my mind, but we were happily distracted as we walked through a beautiful day in Beijing.  Yes, it has been warm (okay, hot) and no, ice is not typically found when you’d most like to have it.  But, it was a lovely day with glorious people watching and pieces of history and bits of the beauty of the Chinese culture all around us.

Our day started with a trip to Tiananmen Square where we as a group posed before crossing the street to the entrance of the Forbidden City.  I think Janet and I are the only ones who heard our guide say “Silly picture!”

IMG_6766There were many, many people at our Beijing destinations today.  It made for some great photos and friendly interactions.IMG_6795

IMG_6824After the Forbidden City, we had a quick bite and spent the afternoon at the Summer Palace. The breeze was certainly better at this location on a lake, and the details of this palace are truly gorgeous.


IMG_6946This was Summer, our guide for the day.  She and the other families made today truly special….but tomorrow is the day we meet and hold our little girl!

Please pray for us.  That our hearts would be peaceful and that our faces would reflect that Christ-given peace.  That our Ada would be willing to get to know us, and eventually trust and delight in us as her parents.  And please pray for the Nowlin and Mylin families who will also meet their kids either tomorrow or Monday, that they too would walk in peace as they unite with their children.


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  1. Enjoy viewing and reading your blog. Pray for your good health and enthusiastic spirit while in China and for your first encounter with your adopted daughter Ada with peaceful hearts and warm Christian love and affection

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