Beijing Day 1

Getting over jet lag meant hittin’ the ground runnin’ and at The Great Wall in China….that meant lots of stairs!  As you ascend all these steps you subconsciously think you’re about to hit the “wall” part of The Wall.  But ya’ll, there is not a flat top to this masterful piece of border defense.  I can only image the quad muscles the soldiers who guarded here must have had!

image The best part of our time here in Beijing is getting to know the other wonderful families from our agency waiting to meet their kids this weekend too.  There are three families in Beijing and we will meet up with two others in Guangzhou.  One of the other families is adopting a little boy from Ada’s orphanage.  He even has the same special need as our daughter, a bilateral cleft lip and palate.  What a blessing to have these other families here!

image  Next we spent some time at the Olympic Park wandering around the grounds and past architectural genius such as the “Bird’s Nest” or Olympic Stadium.

image  Needing a caffeine boost to get us through the late afternoon we were taken to a tea house.  At Dr.Tea, we had a brief education on the types, preparation and techniques for drinking various teas.  Here Mark and Kit demonstrate the manly way to hold a cup of tea with “dragon power.”  Close those fingers, men!  Our tea hostess threatened to call them “lady men” if they left their fingers open.image Here Janet and Lucy demonstrate proper ladylike tea drinking technique.  Fingers out, my dears!  Tomorrow promises a whirlwind tour of the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, just one more day til we have our Ada with us!  I’m glad they’re keeping us distracted and awake!!

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