We made it!

The literal journey began for us on Tuesday flying from Albuquerque to Houston.  Our three little guys were excited to see their Mimi and Pops and of course their Texas cousins!

imageThe little dudes were entertained watching C130s and Black Hawks at the air field as we waited to board.

image They did a  pretty great job on the plane (our 19 month-old little guy is not easy in confined spaces).  Thankfully Southwest has a rather family friendly approach to flying, we haven’t been kicked off a plane yet!  Mark and I got a few zzzz’s after Mimi fed us and helped put the kiddos to bed.  Oh how I miss those boys already!!


We stared at the back of this seat from Houston to San Francisco (with one thing on my mind), and made a swift connection to arrive in Beijing late afternoon on Thurs.  When jet lagged, let me recommend getting yourself somewhat lost in order to stay awake.  It helps if you find amazing dumplings along the way.



We are closer than ever before to our Ada!  Here is a pic of her just about 2 weeks ago when she returned to her orphanage.  We had ordered a little party to celebrate coming to get her, but I’d hardly call this cake little!! Glad there was plenty to share!


One thought on “We made it!

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