One more night in the southwest

We’ve got just one more night in our beds.  After tonight, the next time we will  be sleeping under this roof, we will have all four of our kiddos together!  I have no idea where exactly we will be laying our heads, but I’m thinking that’ll work itself out as we get to know our daughter.  For now our plan is Co-sleeping with Ada.  In the midst of packing, the one thing I’m consciously trying to leave at a home is any expectation.  Sort of reminds me of the birth of my boys, right?  I mean, you write out a birth plan (especially with the first) and maybe you even prep for the second with some greatly helpful (though not fully successful) birth hypnosis, and by the time the contractions have lasted 10 + hours….you just want the little dude out of your body and into your arms! For the love!  Anyway, expectations never helped get those little guys from womb to bassinet.  Prayer, effort and flexibility were the most important things on those journeys, I’m thinking the same applies here.  IMG_3208

Despite my “expectations out the window” approach to all this, I still felt an urge to do some nesting.  Thankfully I had Mimi and Pops around to assist with some picture hanging and crib skirt sewing!  It felt like purposeful waiting…although this week I should probably be packing rather than hanging paper lanterns!  Though we will try to keep Ada near us for bedtime bonding, it is nice to have a place that is all her’s (and a place for all those adorable girl clothes!)


For those who are interested in our adoption timeline here is a brief overview:

November 2012- Initiated process

July 2013- Home Study Completed

October 2013- USCIS

November 2013- Had our third son (put everything “on hold”)

January 3, 2014- Dossier to China

February 17, 2014- Logged In to CCCWA (in China)

November 2014- Home Study Update, Update of USCIS approval

December 2014- Officially waiting to be matched

May 5, 2015- Received Referral!!  (May 8-found out she had surgery May 4)

May 18, 2015- Referral Acceptance received

July 6, 2015- Travel Approval phone call

July 22-Aug 6, 2015- Travel to China  AND July 26-Family Day!



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